Loving men, you should never forget that a woman’s secondary erogenous areas are more numerous and more diverse, and they are essential for attaining ecstatic pleasure. This is why a prolonged foreplay during lovemaking with continence and transfiguration is vital.

1. The hair and the scalp

The tender caressing and massage of this area should be done especially before the lovemaking, due to the considerable relaxation it provides. For reasons that are still little known, this highly vascularized region (which will bleed most abundantly in the event of an injury) seems to be more sensitive in women.

2. The face

A woman’s face epidermis is much smoother than that of a man’s; therefore it is much more sensitive. This is valid for the lips as well, for the forehead, for the temples and even for the eyelids. All those little arousing kisses on the eyes are even more arousing, while she has her eyes closed, if she can picture what’s going to happen next.

3. The mouth

As an initiator of the love game, one of its most arousing aspect, the kiss is an intimate way of getting acquainted. But unfortunately, for some couples, kissing gets “stale” after a while, when this intimacy has already been “obtained”. In very sensual women their erotically energized mouth makes them live the ineffable and profound state of oral orgasm when they “play” deeply with the erect lingam of their lover, in the same manner they play with their yoni.

4. The neck

A woman’s neck is very sensitive, both on the outside and on the inside (when her lover penetrates her deeply with his lingam). Most often, this is the first area, after the face and the mouth that the man focuses upon before venturing further. Its gracefulness allows for some very sensual plays to be done.

5. The back of the head

Similar to men, the intense sensations in this area are greatly amplified, especially on the upper part of the spine.

6. The armpits

The armpits take part in the arousal process especially… through the pheromone secretions (in other words, through certain biological substances whose purpose is the communication between two beings belonging to the same species, in our case, this is an actual erotic paranormal form of “communication). In this direction you should know that the pregnant scent of a strong masculine man is what arouses the woman, and not the other way around.

7. The arms

Similar to the back of the knee or the ankles, whose skin is very soft, the posterior and sides of the arms can be very sensitive to caressing.

8. The abdomen

Similar to the upper part of the thighs, the skin on the abdomen, especially the lower part of the abdomen (at the level of the uterus), is extremely sensitive to all forms of sensual caresses and touches, in some women. Regarding the belly button, we’ll let you discover its truly special “function” in women by yourselves.

9. The bowl of the loin

In other words, this is none other than the lumbar area. In the case of an erotically awakened woman, this region is also an extremely important center of sensuality which can be engaged in all kinds of erotic postures.

10. The buttocks

When they are round, large and charming, they are mainly an organ meant for the erotic “calling” (for both sexes, but this is undoubtedly more consistent in women; thus, it is a well known fact that a full and harmonious “posterior” is what attracts masculine and sensual men). Being slightly innervated and made of muscles, this area stirs up a wide range of erotic sensations in women who are extremely vital and erotically awakened.

11. The thighs

Very enticing caresses on the inner side of the thigh correspond to a genuine sex “bomb”, which is all the more arousing as we ascend to the pelvis. After this signal, we can linger here as long as we please, in order to generate overwhelming erotic sensations.

12. The foot arch

Like the buttocks, the foot arch is an area powerfully invested by certain men. The one who has certain fantasies regarding the elegance of high heels will be able to grant special interest to naked women toes. Women who are ticklish should not refrain from enjoying this sensation that make them transmute almost continuously their sexual potential, especially if for the moment they cannot reach orgasm.

13. Breasts

The erotic power of breasts is so intense that it can lead to orgasm (in the case of super sensual women), or at least to the brink of it (especially if the lover sucks on the erect nipple) in the case of most women. This huge sensitivity, whose center is the nipple is supported by an entire network of nerves which is directly connected to the sexual centers of the brain. But pay attention, to strong caresses may become unpleasant especially at the end of menstruation or under the influence of certain birth control pills (which are not recommended since the best contraceptive method is perfect sexual continence).

14. The pelvis

As for men, intense and persistent touches at this level are extremely effective erotically and therefore, they often play a major role.

15. The anus

After long being a taboo, anal touches (with or without the finger or the lingam insertion) seems to be highly appreciated by women who are naturally endowed to enjoy anal orgasm.

16. External genitalia

Rich in nerves and extremely sensitive, these areas (in other words, Mons Veneris – which is highly prominent at very sensuous women, small and large labia, the entrance of the vagina), even if they are “secondary” however feature a considerable importance, since their powerful stimulation, especially with the tongue and lips, often conditions the woman’s acceptance of continent lovemaking, generating very intense pleasure.

17. The clitoris

The direct hand stimulation of the clitoris, which is extremely sensitive, runs the risk of becoming quite painful, this is why some women prefer to be touched here only with the lips and tongue. Like that, many women experience extremely intense clitoris orgasms. The special sensitivity of the clitoris in the case of women who are super sensual is not related to its shape or size, not even to its position, more or less “hidden”.
Clitoral orgasm without discharge allows the woman to experience the first ineffable androgyny state, if experienced fully and deeply more than 21 times during lovemaking.

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18. The “G” spot

This extremely arousing and mysterious spot is a correspondent area of Yoni Chakra, inside the woman’s body. This chakra is the “Secret center of force of orgasm without discharge”. It is located inside the vagina at approximately 2-3 cm below the urethra opening. At first it can be awakened and activated by a circular touch, with the tip of the tongue, especially when the woman’s urinary bladder is full and she is capable to attain “urinary orgasm”.

19. The urethra

The urethra and its opening generates extreme pleasure for a woman especially when she experiences urinary orgasm and allows small bursts of urine to come out while she is vigorously penetrated by her lover’s lingam. This can be a wonderful “substitute” for orgasm without discharge that some women (numerous in numbers) are for the moment unable to reach otherwise. The woman could ask her lover to caress her urethra opening with his tongue and lips. In order to generate extreme pleasure, the man may insert the tip of his tongue into the urethra opening of his lover, making her open gradually, as she experiences a powerful state of urinary orgasm.

20. The cervix

When the two lovers are perfectly compatible from the sexual point of view and the woman experiences very intense states of cervical orgasm (without discharge), her cervix begins to dilate gradually and then her lover can penetrate her with his lingam through the fully dilated cervix. The erotic states experienced then by the woman are unforgettable and the intensity of her orgasm is maximal.