How to cause multiple orgasms to a woman

At first, both lovers will get into the most comfortable position. The man will lubricate the woman’s genitals with a natural moisturizer, for example butter or oil. He will gently caress the small and the big labia, the perineum and the anus.

Then he will caress the clitoris and notice very carefully her reactions, letting himself guided by her directions. Every woman has got her own preferences to what sexual stimulation is concerned. Some women prefer to be caressed directly on the clitoris, but most of them appreciate continuous and slow caresses.

After you discover the hottest spots and the most erotic ways she likes to be caressed, try to amplify pleasure. During all this time, in order to facilitate the orgasm, the woman can do the Kegel exercises by alternating prolonged contractions with fast ones. It’s good for the woman to abandon herself to the pleasure she experiences as much as possible in order to reach the orgasm.

During her orgasm, the man feels with his fingers the contractions of the vaginal muscles. At this moment he will stop or lower down the clitoridian stimulation and will maintain the vaginal one.

Internal stimulation will determine a second type of orgasmic contractions, deeper than the ones in case of a usual orgasm that involves only the first third part of the vagina. They involve the profound pelvic muscles, including the uterine ones. It is an essential condition for a prolonged orgasm at women.

During the woman’s usual orgasm, which is the explosive orgasm (this type of orgasm is similar with the man’s ejaculatory orgasm because in both cases the sexual energy is lost), the vaginal muscles present spastic contractions. On the other hand during a prolonged orgasm contractions are being sustained and they last. When a man feels that kind of contraction he can be sure that his lover experiences such a prolonged orgasm.

The next step consists in amplifying this extraordinary state of pleasure through a more intense stimulation. It is best to come back to the clitoridian stimulation in order to provoke again the orgasmic contractions, which will be immediately followed by a vaginal stimulation.

By alternating the two types of stimulation you can obtain a significant increasing of the number, duration and force of the contractions. After approximately 15 minutes the period between contractions will become shorter and finally the woman will get the continuous orgasm.

By following these steps you will be able to make your lover experience a prolonged orgasm and she will feel vaginal contractions for several hours. After such an experience she will be able to experience a prolonged orgasm a lot faster, sometimes even by a simple penetration. From this moment each time will be full of ecstatic thrills.

How to cause multiple orgasms to a man

The man has to sit in the most comfortable position, preferably lying on his back. Then the woman will then caress him and listen to his suggestions in order to get erection. These strokes have to last at least 15 minutes while the man has to control the sexual energy in order to avoid ejaculation.

After that the woman will stimulate his testicles and prostatic spot, which is situated between testicles and anus. By combining penis stimulation with the one of prostatic spot and testicles, the man will be able to reach a very intense state of excitement. Thus he has to be able to control very well the intensity of pleasure.

His lover should pull his testicles very delicately because ejaculation will not appear as long as they are relaxed. She can also press very hard the prostatic spot or to squeeze firmly the base of the penis with the thumb and the forefinger. After the critical point the woman can stimulate him again.

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The next step consists in practicing the exercises for blocking ejaculation while the breathing must be very calm. You’ll notice then the appearance of a secretion, which is thinner than sperm. The number of contractions during a prolonged orgasm will be also increased from 6/10 during a usual orgasm to dozens.

The reason of this technique is to make the man experience as many orgasms as possible, at least 15 times in a row. You’ll notice how the level of excitement of each orgasm will get bigger and bigger till the state of intense pleasure becomes continuous. The woman has to continue stimulating her lover even while he experiences orgasmic bliss. An easy stroke on the penis and a rhythmical pressure on the prostatic spot can prolong the orgasm. The contractions can be felt for many minutes without pause.