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We are delighted to invite you to the next Aarhus Tantrafestival, ‘Secrets of Uplifting Attraction’ which will be taking place in FO-Aarhus on Saturday the 2nd of June 2018!

Join us for the 20th instalment of the Tantrafestival in Denmark. Join us for a remarkable opportunity to dare to discover new perspectives, to explore new horizons, to grow as a person, to live with joy and intensity.

tantrafestival is a celebration of Tantra in its many facets. For one day, the best practitioners and teachers in the field of Tantra from Denmark come together to create a dynamic and exciting program of lectures, workshops and presentations on a broad number of Tantra topics. Among all these inspiring activities, the festival also includes artistic performances, stimulating Conscious Talks™, fun games and opportunities to connect with like-hearted people.

Your heart-full participation will bring:
• a greater understanding of the true meaning of Tantra
• many tools and techniques to work with and use on your own or with a partner
• a higher perspective on life and the universe
• profoundly transforming experiences
• inspiration and aspiration to begin or continue your tantric journey
• and, many new friends

Power up your batteries

Tantrafestival Aarhus 2018 is dedicated to the topic of Secrets of Uplifting Attraction.  The Principle of Attraction is one of the cornerstones of Tantra. The Principle of Attraction reveals to us the workings of our inner ‘battery’ which feeds and empowers every one of our life experiences. It tells us how we can always energize and recharge it. How we can intensify every experience and live life to its fullest and most joyous.

One of the common manifestations of the Principle of Attraction in our life is the attraction that manifests within a couple relationship. Through the conscious application of this principle, we can always keep this mutual attraction in the relationship alive, recharging, again and again, the ‘battery’ of the relationship, make the love and joy in the couple continually grow, become ever more intense and fresh.

Through learning and applying the Principle of Attraction, apathy is replaced with enthusiasm, boredom replaced with lively curiosity, rigidness with playfulness, depression replaced with joy, lack of interest replaced with intense motivation, failure replaced with success, tiredness with abundant energy, and the seemingly boring mundane life gives way to a life full of intensity, joy and wonder.

Join the global phenomenon

Since its inception 8 years ago in Copenhagen, Tantrafestival has fast become a worldwide success, branching out and spreading in many countries. Currently, Tantrafestival holds annual events in London, Helsinki, Malmo, Lisbon, Prague, Göteborg and more to come… Join the thousands of people attending each year these events of opening mind and heart and expending knowledge and experience.

Is this for me?

The program of Tantrafestival can perfectly accommodate both singles and couple. Beginners on the tantric path will find a great opportunity to be introduced into its mysteries. Advanced tantric practitioners will find new perspectives and applications of the tantric practices. The program of Tantrafestival is open to all. In short, if your heart is yearning for living life more fully, for greater openness and intimacy, for greater understanding of yourself and others, for more joy and love; if your mind is open for yet unimagined possibilities which may await just beyond the horizon – then the Tantrafestival is for you.

Aarhus Tantrafestival program Sat 2. June 2018

9.30- 10.00  Doors are opening


10.00- 10.30  Opening Ceremony

10.45- 11.50  Feminine Awakening Workshop for women with Minodora Blomgren & Sabina Serban, Natha Yogacenter

11.55- 12.30  Meeting of men and women

12.30- 13.45  Lunch break

13.45- 15.15  Secrets of Uplifting Attraction Lecture with Advaita Stoian

15.30- 17.00  Power Polarity Yoga -A unique yoga practice for couples with Advaita Stoian, Emanuel Langhoff & Sabina Serban

17.15- 18.30  Conscious Relating Workshop with Kelvin Varst

18.30- 19.30  Dinner break

19.30- 20.30  Panel Sharing: The journey toward the tantric orgasm by Conscious Talks

20.40- 21.45  Tantric Polarity Celebration – Dare to live in ecstasy! by Tantrafestival



10.45- 11.50  Awaken Masculinity Workshop for men by Thomas Orboe, Awakening Vira project

12.30- 13.45  Lunch break

13.45- 15.15 The Tantric Path to Delight- The Intense Play of Pleasure and Awareness with Emanuel Langhoff & Sabina Serban, Natha Yogacenter

15.30- 17.00  Art of Tantric Touch Workshop  by Tantratemple

17.15- 18.30  Love is a Tango for 2 – Guide to Conscious Relationships with Minodora Blomgren & Arthur Lederer, Natha Yogacenter

18.30- 19.30  Dinner break

19.30- 20.30  Sensual Dance Workshop (both for men and women) by Ronyah

– There might come changes in the program –

Scroll down this page to see the workshop descriptions



Aarhus Tantrafestival

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Tantrafestival Arhus 2018 – “Secrets of Uplifting Attraction” vil blive hostet i de stemningsfulde lokaler i Natha Yogacenter Århus

Folkeoplysningens Hus
Vester Allé 8
8000 Århus C




Awakening Femininity Workshop


With Minodora Blomgren & Sabina Serban from Natha Yogacenter      I      Shakti hall at 10.45- 11.45

We invite you to this workshop of discovering your feminine treasures and together with us to take the next steps to become the amazing woman, you are meant to be.

Nowadays many women face emotions of frustration and inner emptiness without really knowing why. Inner emptiness is often a symptom of feeling disconnected to the bountiful richness hidden inside all of us. Tantra suggests that when a woman opens up to know herself as a woman, she starts to awaken her innate radiant life energy, which many have experienced as the true source of our joys, beauty, and happiness.

In this workshop we will offer some simple keys for the feminine power to meet the challenges of the modern life. The workshop includes also group exercises to gather, share, play and understand the basics of feminine nature in a lovely sisterhood spirit and a cozy atmosphere.

About Minodora Blomgren

Minodora is teaching weekly classes of Tantra, keeping Tantra for Women groups for awakening the feminine creative power and various workshops in Natha Yogacenter in Århus; she is an enchanting and inspiring manifestation of the feminine creative principle unfolding in creation.


About Sabina Serban

Sabina was brought up in a spiritual and tantric environment from an early age. She is educated as a tantric masseur which is one of the main focuses in her tantric work. Through her erotic tantric massage and spiritual guidance, many people and couples benefit spiritually and receive new impulses and solutions for their love relationships. Sabina also offers tantra courses, lectures, and workshops on a regular basis. Moreover, Sabina works exclusively with women in Shakti – groups where she guides them in the development of their feminine sides, helping women to blossom and use their femininity for spiritual growth. Sabina is also an artist of tantric painting art. Her artworks express a rare combination of intense sensuality and refinement. She is a living example of a highly intuitive approach to self-development and she believes that in connecting to the creative forces of the universe any obstacle can be easily overcome and the process of development becomes smooth and harmonious.  Her feminine delicate personality expresses a lot of soul depth which is always a great inspiration for her students.

Awaken Masculinity Workshop


With  Thomas Orboe from Awakening Vira Project          l       Shiva hall at 10.45- 11.45

“A man is not born, he’s forged.”

Being a man today is more challenging than many realize and few care to admit, especially in the area of intimacy and attraction. Very few today are aware of the roles of men in life and in the couple relationship and this unfortunate lack of knowledge leads to many problems in society and frustration couple relationships and towards women in general. When we have and apply knowledge of the universal masculine and feminine principles revealed in Tantra, we can discover our own masculine power and endless attraction in our couple relationships. Join Thomas Orboe for this very practical workshop for men about the role of purpose in the life of a man and its essential place in the polar game of attraction.

About Thomas Orboe

Thomas Orboe established his coaching business in 2011, and works as a personal trainer, coaching clients on a daily basis to optimize their brain and body through mental training, yoga, dietary discipline, and small but significant adjustments to improve their lifestyle.

From a very early age, Thomas was inclined to explore the human potential and forging his masculinity from growing up in a martial arts school, joining the Danish Special Force training and to extreme sport and endurance. His thirst for extreme intensity lead him on the tantric path where he is now running the “Awakening Vira Project” which aims for awakening the masculine consciousness worldwide.

Secrets of Uplifting Attraction Workshop


With Advaita Stoian          l       Shakti hall at 13.45- 15.15

Attraction… is it easy come, easy go?

It is, without doubt, one of the most powerful forces on the planet since the dawn of time. It reaches all levels of creation from the smallest insect to the pinnacle of the animal kingdom – man. YET for something so fundamental to creation and the continuation of existence, it is still very little understood today.

Most people think attraction is something that shows up out of the blue, unannounced and disappears into the horizon without a word. But did you know there is actually a science behind attraction and it can be worked on consciously and CULTIVATED?

We are not talking about cheap pick up lines and parlor tricks here. No, here we talk about the fundamental essence of attraction, how it really works and how you can start to cultivate it, profoundly. Attraction doesn’t just apply to finding a lover, it applies to everything in your life. You cannot “get things” in your life with force – you can only create the right circumstances to ATTRACT them.

In this seminar, we will explore the core essence of attraction in order to truly get started and be able to make this phenomenal power work for you: from attracting partners, to jobs, to health, to wealth, and more.

By mastering the principles of polarity, life becomes intoxicatingly rich, enchanting, and fulfilling.

About Advaita Stoian

Advaita Stoian is an acclaimed author, researcher, philosopher, life coach and teacher, who has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Tantra for more than 28 years. Through his intense practice of the many Tantric methods for almost three decades, Advaita has become an inspiring speaker and a respected role model in the art of living a Tantric life. Having been passionately married for over 28 years as well, Advaita has first-hand knowledge in the area of thriving love. Teaching and practicing Tantra in conjunction with his marriage has helped him cement these key understandings regarding life and relationships.

He is the co-author of the Tantra Intensive Course, one of the world’s foremost Tantra courses, Senior Teacher of Natha Yogacenter in Denmark and Coordinator of the Atman International Teacher Training Programs in Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation.

The Tantric Path to Delight – The Play between Pleasure and Awareness

With Emanuel Langhoff & Sabina Serban  from Natha Yogacenter     l       Shiva hall at 13.45- 15.15

In this workshop we will explore the magic that appears when both pleasure and awareness fully participate to a sense experience. For the modern man pleasure and awareness are often in opposition. Overwhelming pleasure tends to decrease awareness leading to confusion and mistakes, and awareness tends to dry out the juice of the experience leading to boredom and frustration.

Ancient tantric modalities embrace those two apparently opposites in a magic potent formula that empowers intensity in pleasure and lucid self-awareness in the experience. When awareness and pleasure dance together, awareness purifies the senses making the experience vivid, deep and meaningful. On the hand, the fully lived sense experience becomes fuel for the awareness which grows and expands with the intensity of the experience.

Thus for the tantric, the conscious lived sense experience becomes a powerful source of life energy leading to self-development.

This workshop will contain both theoretical explanations of this tantric science as well as practical experiences. There will be no erotic manifestation in the workshop.

About Sabina and Emanuel

Sabina is an artist of spiritual paintings. She is educated in Tantric massage which is a main aspect of her tantric work. Emanuel has a broad gamut of spiritual and tantric experiences. He has been teaching yoga and tantra for more than 20 years around the world and has been the organizer of the Tantrafestival in Copenhagen for many years. Sabina and Emanuel have dedicated their couple relationship to the spiritual path of tantra. Together they aim to spread the teachings and practices of tantra related to the intimacy in love relationship and eroticism. In their work they emphasize on the use of yoga, sexual energy and pleasure as tools to develop the soul and spiritualize the couple relationship. From September they offer courses and workshops of Tantra and Yoga in Århus.


Power Polarity Yoga – A unique yoga practice for couples


With Advaita Stoian, Emanuel Langhoff & Sabina Serban     l       Shakti hall at 15.30- 17.00

Be together in a new way!
In this workshop, we will learn and practice together the tantric methodology of POWER POLARITY YOGA – a unique yoga practice for couples. Togetherness can be seen as a gift for the relationship but the art of intimacy is that which truly nourishes the hearts of lovers.
Power Polarity Yoga is a form of practice that deepens intimacy in a couple and brings harmony and energy to the relationship. Once you’ve learned it, you have a powerful tool to spiritualize your relationship and bring deeper meaning and intensity to the way you share life together.

Effects of Power Polarity Yoga

  • Quality time together increases the sense of connection and love
  • Get to know each other in a completely different way, non-verbal communication, heart to heart, body to body
  • Removes tension, blockages & frustrations
  • Increases the power of attraction, that electrical spark between us

‘POWER POLARITY YOGA’ is not explicitly for ‘lovers’ or ‘couples’ only, but for any couple, who wish to experience the profound effects of synergy and fusion in the heart through yoga practice. ‘POWER POLARITY YOGA’ consist of a carefully developed series of yoga positions performed in couples creating some simple, yet very beautiful and powerful yogic ‘couple positions’ or ‘human acro-mandalas’.It is an amazing way to feel yourself and the other, to be fully present and grounded.

About Advaita Stoian

Advaita Stoian is an acclaimed author, researcher, philosopher, life coach and teacher, who has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Tantra for more than 28 years. Through his intense practice of the many Tantric methods for almost three decades, Advaita has become an inspiring speaker and a respected role model in the art of living a Tantric life. Having been passionately married for over 28 years as well, Advaita has first-hand knowledge in the area of thriving love. Teaching and practicing Tantra in conjunction with his marriage has helped him cement these key understandings regarding life and relationships.

He is the co-author of the Tantra Intensive Course, one of the world’s foremost Tantra courses, Senior Teacher of Natha Yogacenter in Denmark and Coordinator of the Atman International Teacher Training Programs in Yoga, Tantra, and Meditation.

Art of Tantric Touch Workshop


With Angela Østergaard & Richard Løvlund  from Tantratemple      l       Shiva hall at 15.30- 17.00

What exactly makes a Tantric massage Tantric? Is it the techniques? Is it the nudity? Actually, one of the keys is conscious touch. Conscious touch has the power to melt down all the walls we have set up to protect ourselves. It brings back heartfelt communication, helping people to truly connect with each other.

What will you experience in this workshop?

  • A better understanding of the right attitude when giving and receiving Tantra massage
  • Practical exercises to feel into the other one, beyond the ego expectations
  • Lots of oxytocin released in your body (the love hormone)

The exercises in this workshop are done in polar pairs – which means it would be great if you bring your beloved or team up with one of your friends from the opposite sex. Also, you might as well come prepared to meet someone new and have a beautiful experience together. And relax about it, there will be no nudity involved, and the touch will be caring and respectful, not of a sexual nature.

About Angela

Angela Shivani is a tantric yogini who has practiced yoga and tantra since 1998 and has been teaching in India, Thailand, and various countries in Europe. She is co-founder of the Tantra Temple, with a unique insight into spirituality and human psychology. She is driven by the aspiration to bring spiritual knowledge into the daily life of people. In her workshops and classes, she is known for her loving presence and ways of guiding the participants and students to explore both the external and internal universe.


About Richard

Richard has been studying and practicing Tantra and yoga since 2005 and tantra massage since 2009. Through the treasure of Tantric knowledge he has transformed his relationships in a conscious way to become an engine for awakening masculinity, passion, and love. With a background in nanotechnology and plant sciences, which he teaches at college level, he is well trained in bringing abstract concepts into real life in an entertaining way. Richard is a cheerful teacher with focus on a good laugh and integrity.

Conscious Relating Workshop


With Kelvin Varst  from C.H.A.I. Aarhus       l       Shakti hall at 17.15- 18.30

From the dawn of life, attraction between to polarities has been a psychical law and is well described in both ancient cultures and modern society. This is why men and woman attract, but also repulse like two magnets.

In this workshop we will scratch the surface of the polarity between to beings, what attract on a deeper level and how do we keep this attraction over time. This polarity is the source of our sexual energy and life force, so we all have good reason to increase the consciousness of the polarity in our intimate relation, where a lot is at stake, or prepare yourself for the partner for life.

Through exercises we will play with different strengths of polarity, discover the embodied power we all contain and explore the courage to surrender. Ask yourself this question: What do I need to surrender into the arms of my deepest relation? What is holding me back from standing in my own true power? These questions go for men as well as women.

Together we will search the path of relating and find new truths about ourselves. Find the courage to put ourselves in the front and shine as a unique human being and through consciousness be real about how I relate to others, both friends, colleagues and partners.

You can expect to eye contact, body contact and heart contact. You will explore and be explored, laugh, dance, move and a lot more, everything in deep presence with yourself and the others.

About Kelvin

Kelvin has worked professionally with tantra since 2013 and is running C.H.A.I. Aarhus. He is a certified tantric massage therapist, bodyworker and sexologist, he is currently studies psychotherapy. He belies that learning both goes through the mind, but also the body. In other words, we should not only talk about things, we should also move, dance, sense, meditate, let the body learn the way that it understands.

Love is a Tango for 2 – Guide to Conscious Relationships


With Arthur Lederer & Minodora Blomgren from Natha Yogacenter       l       Shiva hall at 17.15- 18.30

Our Love is a Tango For 2  is a wonderful, rich in insights workshop for everyone who wish to understand better the dynamics of love and relationships.

A relationship is a dance of masculine and feminine energies similar to the intensity and beauty of a real Argentinian tango. However the mysterious magnetism between lovers seems to be an elusive force that comes and goes as it pleases.

Yet by understanding the mechanism of this eternal game between masculine and feminine, you can continuously re-awaken passion so that it exponentially grows in your relationship. This is what we describe as POLARITY in the couple.

In this seminar we will look at the connection between attraction and MATTERS OF THE HEART. Take the opportunity to enrich your relationship with new perspectives and emotional horizons, to infuse it with a fresh impulse to grow closer and get deeper.

The seminar will also include exercises which will help you connect in a deep and meaningful way.

You are also welcome to join this event if you are single, or you can bring a friend with you. Love is a Tango For Two is of interest for everybody. And the content of the seminar can also be very useful for your future relationship and ventures in love.

About Arthur & Minodora

Arthur (IL) and Minodora (FIN) are a fascinating meeting between Nordic calmness, beautiful serenity and fiery Israeli dynamism. They both possess a deep knowledge of Yoga and Tantra and are enthusiastic spiritual practitioners, living life understanding that everything which happens to us is an opportunity for growth and that the challenges we overcome are what makes us who we are. Through tantra they have discovered a uniquely positive attitude to life, living through the heart and with profound awareness. Beside that Arthur is a life coach and business consultant, former military officer and teacher of tantra, meditation and yoga with 16 years of teaching experience. Minodora is teaching weekly classes of Tantra, keeping Tantra for Women groups for awakening the feminine creative power and various workshops in Natha Yogacenter in Århus; she is an enchanting and inspiring manifestation of the feminine creative principle unfolding in creation.

Panel Sharing: The Journey toward the Tantric Orgasm


By Conscious Talks, hosted by Angela Østergaard       l       Shakti hall at 19.30- 20.30

What is actually a tantric orgasm? Why did it get so famous? What is the difference between a “normal” orgasm and a tantric orgasm? Is it true that orgasm and ejaculation is not the same thing? Why do the French call the orgasm ‘the little death’? Some say that orgasm is created by powerful game and uniting of masculine and feminine energies….If a couple would work on the polar attraction (increasing femininity /masculinity) would they be able to experience more intense orgasms?  Do men and women experience orgasm in the same way? Can you get better at orgasm? And why do women fake orgasm?

Conscious Talks is hosting this exciting event, having invited experienced tantric couples for the Panel Sharing. Join this super juicy Tantra talk, where we will open the gates to the mysteries of orgasm.

Aarhus Tantrafestival

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