Thank you, it was a wonderful festival!  


Kama Sutra and Sacred Eros

Thank you for the participation to Aarhus Tantrafestival 2019, ‘Kama Sutra and Sacred Eros’ on 9th of November. It was a wonderful festival! Below you can still see details of this year’s festival. Info for 2020 coming soon.

Join us for the 21st instalment of the Tantrafestival in Denmark. Join us for a remarkable opportunity to dare to discover new perspectives, to explore new horizons, to grow as a person, to live with joy and intensity.

Tantrafestival is a celebration of Tantra in its many facets. For one day, the best practitioners and teachers in the field of Tantra from Denmark come together to create a dynamic and exciting program of lectures, workshops and presentations on a broad number of Tantra topics. Among all these inspiring activities, the festival also includes artistic performances, stimulating Conscious Talks™, fun games and opportunities to connect with like-hearted people.

Your heart-full participation will bring:
• a greater understanding of the true meaning of Tantra
• many tools and techniques to work with and use on your own or with a partner
• a higher perspective on life and the universe
• profoundly transforming experiences
• inspiration and aspiration to begin or continue your tantric journey
• and, many new friends

Kama Sutra & Sacred Eros

Tantrafestival Aarhus 2019 is dedicated to the topic ´Kama Sutra & Sacred Eros´. More and more people are discovering the connection between erotic energy, ecstatic experiences and self-development that runs on full speed. But it is far from a new, modern discovery… Long time ago, in ancient India, Tantric masters systematically explored and studied the subject in depth – it was after all something very important! Wise men and women discovered a gigantic secret … that fully awakened erotic energy is a force of cosmic proportions, a force that in the wrong hands could destroy everything and create division and suffering among people, but also a primordial power that emanates from the very power of creation, which can destroy the darkness of ignorance and open doors that would otherwise remain forever closed.

The wise men and women often hid their most valuable secrets from the daylight. Hidden in texts and stories that were passed down from generation to generation, encoded in simple words and archetypal narratives. Overlooked and forgotten by all those who have lost their sense of depth and mystery. KAMA SUTRA is the second best-selling book in the world but at the same time a story that is only half told. At Tantra Festival 9.November this year we bring you the first chapter of Kama Sutra´s untold story: `Kama Sutra and Sacred Eros´.

Join the global phenomenon

Since its inception 8 years ago in Copenhagen, Tantrafestival has fast become a worldwide success, branching out and spreading in many countries. Currently, Tantrafestival holds annual events in London, Helsinki, Malmo, Lisbon, Prague, Göteborg and more to come… Join the thousands of people attending each year these events of opening mind and heart and expending knowledge and experience.

Is this for me?

The program of Tantrafestival can perfectly accommodate both singles and couple. Beginners on the tantric path will find a great opportunity to be introduced into its mysteries. Advanced tantric practitioners will find new perspectives and applications of the tantric practices. The program of Tantrafestival is open to all. In short, if your heart is yearning for living life more fully, for greater openness and intimacy, for greater understanding of yourself and others, for more joy and love; if your mind is open for yet unimagined possibilities which may await just beyond the horizon – then the Tantrafestival is for you.


10:00 Dørene åbner

Velkommen til Tantrafestival

10:30-11:15 Tantrafestival Åbningsevent (ENG)

Velkomst & Show (K)

10.30 – 10.45 Velkommen til Tantrafestival: Video, bevingede ord og meditation.

10.45 – 11.00 Præsentation af programmet.

11.00 – 11.15 Teaterforestilling: Kama Sutra The Untold Story 

Så åbner Tantrafestival omsider dørene til årets måske mest sanse – og tankevækkende event i København. Vores værter Sahaj, Zina og Louise byder velkommen og hjælper den mystiske rejse ind i Kama Sutraens verden. Festivalens program og foredrags- og workshopafholdere præsenteres. Vi tuner ind med meditation og I møder for første gang Vatsyayana, forfatteren til Kama Sutra i første del af teaterstykket ‘The Untold Story’.   

11:15-12:15 Sabina Serban & Minodora Blomgren (ENG)


Kama Sutra mentions the 64 arts as playground for a woman to awaken charming feminine qualities; creativity, intelligence, erotic magnetism, playfulness, intuition…unlocking the pleasures of life and shining her feminine and gifts to the world.

The 64 arts include anything from the art of poetry, art of painting, art of cooking, dancing, singing, kissing, arranging a room, dressing, making love… Showing how everything in life, even apparently banal daily life activities can transform into a practice that is bringing fulfillment, happiness and valuable lessons.
We don’t need to reserve ecstasy for special moments….but we can learn how to be ecstatic in everything we do!

This workshop is an appetizer into the 64 arts of kama sutra and, and how we can learn to awaken and manifest our soft feminine power and transform the world around through harmony, love, happiness, beauty and love. The workshop will contain both inspiring talks and experimental sessions where we play with some of the arts in a safe, nourishing, loving space of sisterhood.

Teachers: Sabina Serban & Minodora Blomgren

12:30-14:00 Natha Yogacenter (ENG)


YOGA DATE – yoga postures done in pairs (Power Polarity Yoga)

On the yoga date, we experience the magic and power of love and attraction. Feel how the effects of yoga in the body, mind and soul are enhanced when you are physically and energetically associated with the one you love in the yoga postures. Discover how you can enrich each other with each of your qualities, let go of tensions in your body and in the relationship, gain a deeper insight into each other, feel the attraction and strengthen the love between you through yoga.

Yoga done in pairs (Power Polarity Yoga) gives us great opportunity to improve ourselves and thereby our couple relationship or relationship with the person one is practicing with. When we practice Power Polarity Yoga, we naturally build our own polarity – the masculine and the feminine in us, respectively – and together we increase the positive effects of yoga positions at all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The workshop is for both yoga practitioners and beginners.

Benefits of yoga performed in pairs:

  • Your chakras are activated and brought into harmony in a much faster and more effective way than practicing yoga alone
  • Strengthening and harmonization of feminine and masculine energies respectively
  • You get to know your partner on a non-verbal and more in-depth level, which strengthens and builds the relationship
  • Relieves the tensions, frustrations and difficulties that have arisen in the relationship
  • Improved communication, mutual connection and support
  • Quality time together, which builds a strong connection based on love mutual understanding, respect, presence and development

The workshop is guided by yoga and tantra teachers Minodora Blomgren and Arthur Lederer

Participation: It’s best to come in couples, but we do our best to ‘pair’ people who come alone. We look forward!!!

14:00-15:00 FROKOST PAUSE

Vegetarisk food court

15:00-16:30 Advaitananda Stoian (ENG)


“Arguably one of the most famous printed book in the world after the Holy Bible, KAMA SUTRA owes its fame to its connection to the biggest power that runs in the Universe: DESIRE.“ Kama” is the Sanskrit word for desire.

For all its fame nowadays, KAMA SUTRA is deeply known only by those (quite few) who pass beyond the encoding language that the sage Vatsyayana used to write it.

Apparently just a collection of sexual methods, unusual acrobatic lovemaking positions, behavioural advice for intimacy and weird aphrodisiac recipes, KAMA SUTRA is, in reality, a manual of learning how to handle the power of desires and how to channel them in ways that lead to improved life experience, a superior perspective on encountering intimacy and enjoying it.

It is the encoded map to this secret chamber, teaching us how we can create the auspicious conditions using the power of desires that will open the door and make these amazing innate potentials available.

For those who look for more and pass the “test” of learning the code, KAMA SUTRA is a treasure chest full of wonders and profound understandings, revelations about LIFE itself and its most refined pleasures.” Advaitananda Stoian

16:45-17:45 Advaitananda Stoian


“The danger of the past was that men became slaves. The danger of the future is that man may become robots…
Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.” Erich Fromm

Delicious intimacy and heart connection is a deep need of our souls. As long as we are ruled by the ego and its defence mechanisms, we are slaves to our fears, imprisoned by mental habits like robots who can not break free of their own programming.

The separation and protection walls that we create, when our hearts are not yet emotionally mature, are no longer needed as we start to awaken and allow consciousness to gradually replace the robotic behaviour.

The truth is that our heart doesn’t need the protection, only our ego does.

At the center of what we call emotional intelligence is LOVE. Love is found at the origin of the most amazing experiences of expansion of the consciousness towards limitlessness. If the feeling of separation is the source of all pain and suffering, a heart full of love is the source of freedom.

When we bring love into eroticism it connects our hearts with real intimacy, and we gain access to the secret language of intimacy that we use to communicate our deepest longings, profound states and to share our feelings. The most extraordinary and delicious intimacy is based amongst other things on using clear and powerful words that mirror the secret resonance of the heart and of the being.

It is essential to know that almost everything you feel is worth expressing most sincerely and spontaneously. This is also valid even for a state of shame that you feel, for a state of excitement, for an intense and pleasant emotion, for a secret hope, for a feeling of helplessness, for an inhibition. If you express in a spontaneous, clear and direct way exactly what you feel, you will open in this way a window to the room of your soul and you will invite the beloved person to enjoy the light of your soul.

If you do not dare to speak in this way from the heart you will condemn yourself to superficial relationships and talk only about what you did at work, what others are doing and about the shopping that you are about to do. Acting almost always in this way, it will be very hard for you to be able to establish a truly intimate relationship. Establishing an intimate relationship will be very easy for you if you will take the risk to spontaneously and honestly open your heart.

Moving from the separation of the mind to the honest and profound connection between hearts feels like the miracle of a fresh cool oasis in the middle of the scorching desert.

Teacher: Advaitananda Stoian

18:00-19:15 Tantra Templet


We all experience the world through our senses. Learning how to touch in a tantric manner is an amazing opportunity to step out of your ordinary state of consciousness and into a magical space.

You get in contact with your heart and engage in a direct experience of your deeper nature. From our experience people walk away with an experience of peace, ecstatic happiness and a general sense of enjoying life.

This workshop is a guideline for women who want to learn how to give a tantra massage to men.

As a woman, you will become even better in exploring and awakening your sensual femininity, erotic self-confidence, playfulness, spontaneity and joy together with the ability to give and receive loving touch.

Hot and sweet: The workshop is with optional clothing and the massage is done without using oil. All are welcome. It is for both men and women, singles and couples. Exercises are done in pairs.

19:15-20:00 DINNER BREAK

Vegetarisk food court

20:00-21:30 Tantrafestival



10:00 Dørene åbner

Velkommen til Tantrafestival


Ingen aktiviteter

11:15-12:15 Arthur Lederer & Emmanuel Langhoff (ENG)


It is said that “a real man is not born, he’s forged”. This workshop offers insights on how to face the challenges of the modern man connecting to the source of the masculine power and learning the mechanisms of developing a strong masculine character. Get your inner compass working and learn to make clear and effective choices. Start the training of mastering your mind and get to own your power.

Teachers: Arthur Lederer & Emanuel Langhoff

12:30-14:00 Emmeline Vestergaard & Emanuel Langhoff (DK)


The Yoga of Love – Ways to open your heart

When we think of love, we usually think of love between one person and another. Then our attention is caught by the persons and theirs story. Our mind is immediately asking who loves who, what happen, let me hear the story – and we forget about Love itself. The Yoga of Love is a love story between you and Love itself – what could be more wonderful! Before you can obtain a successful love relationship, you first of all need a fulfilling relationship with Love itself. What is in your heart will be expressed in your life. The Yoga of Love is ways to get in contact with the eternal energy of universal love, which then opens your heart and flows in and through your being, transforming your life and those around you who is sensitive to love’s magic. When universal love then flows as streams of euphoric happiness, peaceful ecstasy and joy of life through all parts of your existence – you then give up all inner resistance and accepting that which is, you participate to the spontaneous unfolding of the waves of Love in the ocean of life itself. Then everything that Love wants is possible for you!

This workshop uses yoga techniques combined with creative modalities to enter in resonance with the wonderful energy of universal love.    

Teachers: Emanuel Langhoff & Emmeline Vestergaard

14:00-15:00 FROKOST PAUSE

Vegetarisk food court

15:00-16:30 Minodora Blomgren & Arthur Lederer (ENG)


True love is something we all search and yearn for, whether we are conscious about it or not. There is nothing more fulfilling, more uplifting, that brings more joy and happiness and grants a feeling of purpose in life – than love. Indeed, who does not want to constantly radiate the delightful energy of love?

Why then are so many people suffering in relationships these days? How many times have we rejoiced with a new-found love just to see it slowly wither away and vanish? Aren’t relationships the best ground for experiencing love and all its wonders? And since in a way or another we want it so much, why is love, once you get it, so hard to maintain?
It is no wonder that many face these issues, considering that we receive no real education about how to love and maintain attraction. Tantra gives practical guidance on how to build solid foundations and to maintain a harmonious and prospering relationship. Take the opportunity to enrich your relationship with new perspectives and new emotional horizons, to infuse it with a new impulse to grow closer and get deeper.

For singles, the content of this workshop can also be very useful for your future relationship, opening up new horizons and perspectives on the ways of the heart and love.

Teachers: Minodora Blomgren & Arthur Lederer

16:45-17:45 Elodia Bohn Johansen 


There is a semi-joking statement that goes: “Why do women fake orgasm? Because men fake foreplay!”

“Acting fake” is a sad but true reality, when we don’t dare to be honest with ourselves and with others. We may not intend to fake anything and perhaps we are not even aware until afterwards.

Saying the honest truth as you see it, expressing your real needs or giving each other feedback can be nerve-wreckingly difficult and instead we might find ourselves avoiding uncomfortable situations, avoiding vulnerability, avoiding exposing ourselves to rejection, avoiding making ourselves or the other one “feel bad”.

The problem is that when we do this, we are not only protecting ourselves from feeling bad, we are also “protecting” ourselves from feeling good! We cut ourselves off from profound intimacy and we cut ourselves off from love. We allow walls to exist between us, “no-go” areas that we don’t talk about. It becomes an unspoken heavy burden, an invisible barrier between us causing unhappiness, frustration, anger and resentment.

Don’t live with a knot that you tightened so much, you no longer know how to untie it. Bring honesty into the bedroom – and the truth shall set you free!”


18:00-19:15 Emanuel Langhoff & Elodia Bohn Johansen (DK)


What is actually a tantric orgasm? Why did it get so famous? What is the difference between a “normal” orgasm and a tantric orgasm? Is it true that orgasm and ejaculation is not the same thing? Why do the French call the orgasm ‘the little death’? Some say that orgasm is created by powerful game and uniting of masculine and feminine energies….If a couple would work on the polar attraction (increasing femininity /masculinity) would they be able to experience more intense orgasms?  Do men and women experience orgasm in the same way? Can you get better at orgasm?

19:15-20:00 DINNER BREAK

Vegetarisk food court


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